little known secrets to a scaling a business

The new email

strategy that

quadruple my sales!

Plus win a FREE 12 Week Coaching Program

little known secrets to a six figure business

the new email strategy that 

quadruples sales!

Plus win a FREE 12 Month Coaching Program

WIN A FREE 12 -WEEK coaching program 

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Here's what we will cover

Pillar #1
Why Messaging Matters
How to punch your lead in the gut with story telling!
Don't tank your targeting:  getting laser focused on finding the right audiences.
Pillar #2
Engaging your lead without losing your "voice"
The art of embedding your sales message into your story
 Pillar #3
Fancy "funnelitis"

The case for keeping your sales funnel simple. 
Designing and implementing the simplest yet effective funnels.
 Pillar #4
Cultivate Success Machine
Create a personal connection with your ideal clients so you can transform their life.

In this workshop we don't just cover emails we are going to dig deeper

  • The message that attracts the ideal clients and compels them to opt-in with their best email
  • Converting prospects in to buyer through a well-crafted story without being "salesy"
  • Why businesses should be getting up to 33% of their income from their email list with automation that works effectively
  • ​Simple funnels that keep leads coming 24/7 on auto-pilot
  • ​Why a personal connection matters over complicated automation

are you ready to increases your sales?

Hi, I'm Sara!
I'm a cyber-security engineer and fashion designer with a passion to help entrepreneurs engineer their goals. 

With more than 25 years of corporate experience, I grew my first business to six figure revenue within the first 18 months. 

Today, I manage a successful coaching business while
running a fashion boutique for modest women.

I believe everyone has that entrepreneurial spark within them ~ I can help you ignite it. 

I am a committed to coach the next generation of courageous risk takers who know how to dream beyond the usual.
I can't wait to show you the NEW email strategy that helped my clients increase their sales!

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